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 March 30, 2021    Hacking

Table of contents:


  • File to determine file types file <filename>
  • Check metadata with EXIFtool exiftool <filename>
  • Foremost for data carving foremost -v <filename>
  • Binwalk to search for embedded files and executable code
    • binwalk <filename> to show hidden files
    • binwalk --dd='.*' <filename> to extract all files


  • GIMP
    • select random parts with the "Fill" option
  • Strings search for text in data
    • strings <filename> | grep -i "flag{"
    • strings -n 10 <filename> words with min lengths of 10
  • Use a Hex Editor to look at the file signature hexedit<filename>
  • Stegsolve is a tool to manipulate images
  • Steghide extract password protected data from images steghide --extract -sf <filename>
  • Check for corruption in PNG files pngcheck <filename.png>
  • Zsteg finds hidden data in png/bmp zsteg -a <filename.png>
  • Tesseract scans for text in images and saves is as a text file.
  • Npiet is a programming language in which programs look like abstract paintings
  • GraphicMagick
    • ./magick identify -verbose <filename> checks if image is corrupted
    • ./magick mogrify -set comment 'Extra bytes removed' <filename> restore demaged images
  • StegoVeritas wide variety of simple and advanced checks python3 <filename>
  • Imageerrorlevelanalysis Image Error Level Analyzer
  • Magic Eye Solver / Viewer
  • FFT Find hidden content using Fast Fourier T


  • Use Sonic Visualizer to look at the Spectogram
  • Wavsteg hide and extract data from wav files python3 -r -s soundfile -o outputfile
  • DTMF Tones
  • Deepsound hide data with AES-265
  • Ffmpeg checks integrity of audio files ffmpeg -v info -i <filename> -f null -

Compressed file

  • Fcrackzip brute-forces zip passwords fcrackzip -D -u -p rockyou.txt <filename>
  • Zipdetails displays internal zip structure zipdetails -v <filename>
  • Zipinfo shows information about the zip file
  • Repair a corrupted Zip with zip -FF --out