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Minimal Bludit Theme

 January 24, 2022    Code

This blog runs on the Open Source Flat-File CMS Bludit. It's a very simple and low maintenance CMS with an active and helpful Community. Despite that, the provided Themes are limited and non satisfied my requirements. Since it is very straight forward to make a compatible Theme and Bludit supports nearly every Web Framework, I made my own.

The result is a minimal and responsive Blog that uses Bootstrap with a grid layout and features search functionality. Feel free to use or modify the theme to your liking.

How to install the Minimal Theme:

  • Download the theme from Github
  • Uncompress the zip file
  • Copy the minimal folder into the folder /bl-themes/
  • Activate the Theme in the Admin panel (Settings > Themes)

Alternative designs

Minimal-1 with Paginator

Minimal-2 with Paginator

Minimal-3.1 centered for short header

Minimal-3.2 centered for long header