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Minimal Bludit Theme

 January 24, 2022    Code

This blog runs on the Open Source Flat-File CMS Bludit. It's a straightforward and low-maintenance CMS with an active and helpful Community. Despite that, the provided Themes are limited and non satisfy my requirements. Since it is easy to make a compatible Theme and Bludit supports nearly every Web Framework, I made my own.

The result is a minimal and responsive Blog that uses Bootstrap with a grid layout and features search functionality. Feel free to use or modify the theme to your liking.

How to install the Minimal Theme:

  • Download the theme from Github
  • Uncompress the zip file
  • Copy the minimal folder into the folder /bl-themes/
  • Activate the Theme in the Admin panel (Settings > Themes)

Alternative designs

Minimal-1 with Paginator

Minimal-2 with Paginator

Minimal-3.1 centered for short header

Minimal-3.2 centered for long header