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HTB Stego Challenges

 March 28, 2021    HackTheBox


Pusheen just loves graphs, Graphs and IDA. Did you know cats are weirdly controlling about their reverse engineering tools? Pusheen just won't use anything except IDA.

We get a elf 32-bit lsb executable file, since graphs and IDA are mentioned we do exactly that. We get an error that the max number of graphs is too low, that can be fixed by going to Options --> General --> Graphs --> Max number of nodes. Now when we click on the main function a graph with the flag appears.

Digital Cube

Strathmore leaned forward and rotated his monitor toward Susan. The screen was black except for a small, white text box blinking in the middle. TIME ELAPSED: 50:50" TRANSLTR, the single best crypto-machine, could not crack this code. Maybe you can...

We get a bunch of 0s and 1s, since the title is cube we can try a QR Code Generator. The width is hinted in the challenge text to be 50 pixels resulting in a 50x50 pixel QR code:


Explore the forest and capture the flag!

In the top left corner there is a barely readable text written in the image: IsJuS1Af0r3sTbR0. This string is the password which can be used with steghide to extract a file called nothinghere.txt. This file contains a rot13 encoded string, which can be decoded using CyberChef